March according to my iphone

 Spent alot of time with our favorite Cousin, Grant.
 These two cute girls, McKinley and her friend Lexi, went to the mall one night over Spring Break.
 We went to eat with Aunt Sharon over the Spring Break too.
 Celebrated turning twelve with this chick.
 and her cute twin
 Reagan made Hailey some birthday artwork.

 Brady REALLY liked Jumpstreet.  I have a feeling we will be spending some more time there.

 This was our family quote of the month.
 Celebrated Reagan turning ELEVEN.
 Brady can't get enough of hoops.  He is always outside shooting.
 Dad and Brady started on his animal project for school.  I hear he is carving a bear out of wood.  
 Its finally starting to look like spring might be around the corner.
 These girls like to shop together.  They all had to have the same sunglasses.
 Who goes to eat out with NINE kids in tow?  Me and my pal, Sheri, that is who.  This was taken on Good Friday while the boys were at the Encampment.  I wish I had pictures but I was not there and the men in my life didn't think to take any so there are none.  Sigh.


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