getting there

I already mentioned that I am ready for everyone to go back to school.
  Well this week after schedule pick up and locker decorating for this 6th grader at one campus...
 and schedule pick up and locker decorating for this 7th grader at another campus...
 and meet the teacher for this new 3rd grader...
(This is his cute teacher, Mrs. Cobb) 
 and this SENIOR boy got his shipment of all of his crazy tshirts that he ordered.
(That is all he wanted for back to school shopping, 10 funny tees and a new pair of Sperrys to complete his collection.  (Teenage boys are WAY easier to get ready for going back to school than girls, just sayin'.) 
 And finally today we made the crazy huge Costco run for back to school lunches.
I think I'm officially ready.

Except now I need to help that college gal get ready for her departure date that is coming up in two weeks.  We bought the tix to fly her and Brent out  but there is alot still to do.

Wish me luck.


Amanda said…
Glad ur blogging so much:) Even though I don't comment I am reading;) Way too hard to comment with having to type in the code words;)
Why are the girls at different schools? Is 6th not in Jr high in prosper? It looks like Jr high with the locker;)
The girls are looking so grown up!
And I agree that boys are way easier in the dressing department;) I can't believe Jensen is almost off to college!!!!
shahna said…

I love the look of your blog. You have made some changes. Cute pics!

The girls are at different schools because in Prosper they start Middle school in 5th grade but we have a campus for 5th and 6th grade and then a different campus for 7th and 8th.

We love that setup!

I enjoy reading all the goings on at the Whitley house too! I NEVER comment so you should know that I, like you, am a fan of the blogosphere but not the best at commenting.

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