the Directioners

As soon as Sheri and I heard about the ONE DIRECTION movie that was coming out, we knew we had to organize a fun girls night out with our daughters.  Two years ago, before 1D was HUGE, we took them to concert in Frisco and they have all been in love with Nial, Liam, Louie, Harry, and Zane ever since.  Sheri and I are big fans too.

We invited anyone who wanted to come and before we knew it we had about 18 girls and 9 moms on board.  We gathered at Sheri's house two nights before the premier and made these cute tshirts for each of the girls.

The finished product.
 The moms.

a fabulous group of girls
 and a great group of ladies.  It was so much fun.
And Reagan was the lucky winner of this 1D tshirt.  The winning slip of paper was under her chair.


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