march 2014 according to my iphone

We started off the month right with a wedding.  My little brother's to be exact.  Haven't gotten any wedding photos back yet but here are a couple I took before the ceremony with my girls.  
 This bearded guy, in case you didn't recognize him, is my hubby of almost 25 years. :O)
 With my favorite Aunt and favorite Sister.  Okay she is my ONLY aunt and my ONLY sister.
  Of course March was filled with lots and lots of TREK planning and prep-iIncluding one day I spent babysitting 56 handcarts in a parking lot as they were being delivered.
 Jerilyn and I took a goofy photo while helping to deliver a porta pottie.  I love the people I got to know through that memorable experience.  Jerilyn is one of those people I am so grateful I got to work with.
 Kiki turned in her $250 bucks here for cheer.  I will post about that at a later date.
 Tanner has been spending time with this cute gal he met at Trek.  Bre was in his trek family.  This was one morning at seminary.  He asked her to Mormon Prom.
 We celebrated this girl's 12th birthday with a big surprise.  We are taking a road trip in August with several of her friends to Houston to see ONE DIRECTION in concert.  She was a tad bit excited.
 This cute 7th grader got inducted into the National Junior Honor Society.  
 NJHS induction night with friends, Lizzie and Xander.  We couldn't ask for better friends for McKinley and these are two of her besties.
 Started spring basketball with ALMOST a whole new team.  After winning the 3rd grade championship last season, we are being humbled a little bit with our record so far.  But that is okay.  We're learning alot and improving basketball skills over here.
 Emails aren't really the best way to communicate with Tanner, apparantly.
And speaking of Tanner, I am going through the very bittersweet experience of watching him prepare to turn in his missionary paperwork.  One of the hardest things I will ever do as a parent!  He has done everything at this point but his last interview with the Stake President.  Unknown to us, we were eager to get that done and found out today that President Alleman is out of town for the next two weeks so he won't be pushing "send" on his papers as soon as we had hoped.  Just don't know how I will survive without this boy under our roof for two years.  Love him so much. Heaven help me.  He truly is one of my favorite people on the planet and one of my very best friends.
This time next month we will probably know where we will be shipping him off to spend the next two years of his life.  Holy Cow!  That is pretty unbelievable.


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