Chewing An Elephant

It was the hardest church assignment I will ever have.  
I know that there are some people that would breeze through it with no problem.  For me, it was overwhelming
 and mind boggling
 and I felt like I had been asked to chew an elephant.  

It was also humbling.  
I had no choice but to go to my knees EVERY SINGLE DAY for the last 11 months and ask for Heavenly Father to walk me through this journey.

I am a convert.
I have never been on a trek.
I have never even see a trek.
Until last Thursday I didn't even know what a trek was supposed to look and feel like.

But HE did.  
And He communicated pretty clearly to me from the beginning that He was at the helm.  This was HIS trek for HIS youth and even though he had an unqualified, fearful, human to work through, He would get the job done.  

Daily, he would point  us in directions, give us inspiration about who to call to what.  It started with the 112 individuals that  He identified as the ones He wanted to serve as Mas and Pas.  It took three months of whittling that list down to 56 "trek parents".  
Then He gave us clear inspiration about the Ma and Pa Trainers, the man to head up all of the Logistics, the Food Chairman, etc.  Each and every chair head was identified by Him.  
We trusted Him and I look back and now see the divine wisdom in those calls.

Trek 2014 was a bigger success than I ever could have imagined.  But not because of me.  Or Brent.  But because of Him.  

I will FOREVER love the people that I had a chance to work side by side with during this invaluable experience.  Every single one of them.

And I will never forget the lesson He taught me each day while we worked on this together.  
We are all going to be handed tasks at some point or another that feel bigger than we are.
He showed me through the example of countless others that He never leaves us to rely on our own faculties.
It doesn't matter what the situation is.  It could be a health crisis, a failing marriage, the loss of a loved one, attempts to overcome an addiction, or a really challenging church assignment.    If we allow our Father In Heaven to lay his hands on it,  it thrives.
I know that is true with every fiber in my being and I testify that He walks with us through the hard things we are asked to endure in life.
Just like He did with them 158 years ago.  


Kendra said…
You are an inspiration. I needed to hear this message. <3

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