In Need of a Do Over

I need a do over.  We all have those days.

It started with being a little too sensitive about a situation at church today. ( I am RARELY sensitive about things.) Most days I think I am actually hard to offend.  But I must have woken up on the wrong side of the bed. 
I had to come home and reread this for the upteenth time.  Gratefully, no one knew I was hurt.  I kept it to myself.  Nonetheless, there are a few hours of my life that I was upset about something that I didn't need to be upset about and I wasted on stupid stuff.  Elder Bednar always makes me feel better and helps me turn the other cheek.

But then I feel like a situation that popped up at home could have been handled better.  And the person who could have handled it better was me.  I was being a grouch.  

And then I was having a conversation with a sweet friend while we were out on the Lord's errand and I stuck my foot in my mouth.  Sometimes I don't articulate things very well.  

Ugh.  I need a do over.

Thankfully, tomorrow is a new day.


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