September according to my iphone with a little help from my ipad too

We started the month of with a fun pep rally.  Here is Reagan with her buddy, Taylor.

Went to see a flick with a great bunch of kids.

Love this thought.  It spoke to me one day when I needed the reminder.
Got these from a dear friend for my birthday.  

Subbed in one night with these cute "Beehives".  They painted pictures and uplifting thoughts for kids in the hospital.

Our missionary is doing so well out in the field.  He gets along great with his first companion, Elder Charles.  I can tell from his letters that they have alot in common.

Brother Mack ran into them again while he was visiting and took them out to dinner.  he sent me these text pics - since my missionary never sends us any.  Boo hiss.

Love this gal.  One of my favorites.  Apparently, we both like yellow.
Brady picked out his Halloween costume.

Spent every Tuesday this month at a football game watching one of our girls cheering.  This is a picture of the 7th and 8th grade cheer squad.
I hosted book club.  (Man, that is a lot of work and I am gald I don't have to do that again for over a year!)  I'll post what I made and the book I picked out later.
Kinda faced some frustrations but kept reminding myself daily of something a wise man used to say.

We sent Jensen off to school.  At the time she had lost alot of weight while she was home because she wasn't feeling very well.  We were worried about her.  As it turns out, she had some blood work done when she got to school but it all came back fine.  Since then she has started changing her diet and taking some over the counter meds and has seen some improvement.  This is good news since she got accepted into the study abroad program for Spring.  She will be going to England and Ireland through the English Major program at BYUi.


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