What Elder Argyle thought of October General Conference 2014

Dude Ricky G is the BOMB! I have a whole list so I'll just name them off
Dallin H.Oaks- this one was cool because he was basically prophesying
of what is going to come of the world and how are standards cannot
surrender because of political popularity. Basically I got that he is
saying we have to just love the people even though they are
continuously choosing to be wicked.
Lynn G. Robbins basically said the same thing. If we surrender our
standards that is APOSTASY.
D. Todd Christofferson is a new favorite of mine. that talk was just
legit in every way. The stories he tells are just awesome. I think
this one was probably my favorite.
You know I love Elder Holland.
Bednar was FRIGGIN SICK! I wish all of our investigators would've
watched that session it was amazing!
M. Russell Ballard was really good too cause I just loved that analogy
it made me think of the tree of life.
President Eyring's talk just made me miss Dad. The entire talk was
about preparing the Aaronic priesthood to be men and Melchezidek
priesthood holders. It just made me think about how much I love my Dad
and how he taught me all the right stuff. he would always take me out
to go home teaching and he was such a good teacher to me. I was just
so touched by that talk.


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