June 2015 according to my iphone

Holy Cow!  We sure packed a lot into the month of June.
It started with the food drive our church was doing for the summer lunch program here in Prosper.
We collected peanut butter, jelly, bread, granola bars, chips, macaroni and cheese, fruit cups, and applesauce for 155 kiddos in our town that qualify for free and reduced lunch.  These kiddos get free lunches through the schools during the school year but often go hungry throughout the summer months when they are not in school.  Prosper Ladies Association and our three Prosper wards came to the rescue!  The food drive took over our dining room for a good month but I can't think of a better use for it.  

 We celebrated Memomie's birthday.  I think it was #86 but it is not polite to ask a lady's age.
 This cute little girl became an entrepreneur by starting a dog sitting business.  We advertised on facebook and she is dog sitting this very week for her 5th dog this week and just accepted another job for two more weeks.  She sure is good with animals. Brutus thinks so, can you tell?
 Jensen had a blast in Scotland, Ireland, and England in her study abroad program and she made some new friends.  

 PROSPER HIGH SCHOOL WON THE STATE CHAMPIONSHIP.  We were able to go to a few of the playoff games.
 McKinley cheered at the the football spring preview with her squad.  Here is a picture with some of her cheer buddies.  Such sweet girls.

 How awesome is this gal?  A Honor roll and a cute smile to boot.
 My favorite missionary passed the 10 month mark.  Oh how I miss him and look forward to his emails every Monday.
And he decided (with his companion) to knock something off his bucket list: coloring his hair. 
Can't wait for it to grow out if I am being honest.

 And while we are on the subject of hair, this boy got a serious hair cut.  


My favorite new t shirt in honor of the fact that we celebrated our 26th wedding anniversary this month.

Brady like some Pie Five when we were out one day running errands. 

 Took these cute girls to Mooyah burger one night.

 Spent the day at Hawaiian Falls for some fun in the sun.
 Loved this quote one day that I stole off of Instagram.  Good reminder when I am feeling overwhelmed.
 The girls went to Young Women camp.  Kiki enjoyed cleaning the bathroom the first night she was there.   Or at least she faked it well.

 Took my Dad to dinner for Father's day.  Enjoyed a nice long visit with him.
 Brady went to twilight camp.  He likes hanging out with his best friend, Hunter.
 Took this huge group of kids to Six Flags one day.  

 And Brent got to hang out with one of his "besties" too. 
 McKinley went shopping and to dinner with her best gal pals, Hailey and Kennedy.

 Brady celebrated his 10th birthday.  He was less than thrilled that I made him wear this "bday boy" pin at church. 
 We had a small dinner party for his special day with the family.  Uncle Kyle and Uncle Tyler found our Nacho Libre costumes and gave us all a laugh.
 This girl helped when I had to go pick up 110 loaves of bread for the summer lunch program.

 And Brent got into the action too, serving bologna and cheese to the kiddos.

Whew!  That was our crazy June.  
Stay cool!


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