Sabbath Day Observance

Recently, our Stake President asked each of the families in our stake to re-evaluate our Sabbath day observance.  His comments stem from this talk here.  Immediately, I started thinking how I could encourage my family (and of course, myself) to clean up our Sabbath day observance.  We don't shop or swim or play sports on Sunday.  Our kids aren't involved in teams that practice or play on Sunday.  So for the most part, I thought we were doing pretty well.  But as I pondered this one Sunday, I realized how much time we sleep and watch tv and it made me think there was definitely room for improvement.  So instead of thinking of all the things we COULDN'T do, I have been trying to focus more on some of the appropriate things we COULD do.

This is our Sunday so far:
6:30am: Got up and showered, started getting ready for church.
(No breakfast, Fast Sunday)
Watched a Women's Conference talk from Julie B. Beck while we got ready.
Church 8:40 - 12.  (We try to get there early to practice with the choir and prepare ourselves for the sacrament.)
Came home
Reagan and I worked on decorating a care package for our missionary, Tanner.
Made dinner, ate and cleaned it up.
Worked on Personal Progress for about an hour with Reagan
Spent about an hour looking for Kiki's book.  :O(  Looks like she might have to start over. bummer.
Wrote an email to Tanner.
Wrote a couple of thank you notes.
Brent played board games with Brady.
McKinley packed for EFY.
Watched some Family History Videos on  (I really need to get going on that.)
Meal Plans for the week.
Read scripture passage assignment from BOM365.
Took Brutus for a walk.

Haven't turned the tv on once!  AND we haven't even taken naps yet.  Not that naps are bad.  I plan to take a short one right about

Happy Sabbath. :O)


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