I have really been missing this kid a lot more lately.  I'm not sure what has brought it on.
Maybe it is because he called last month when he was in urgent care and I heard his voice.
 Maybe it is because he gets to call next month for Christmas!
 Maybe it is because the older McKinley gets, the more she reminds me of him.  (She is a female version of Tanner- all that sarcasm and sass and absolutely no filter yet really really cute)

 It might be because we are starting to make summer plans and I realized that we would need to work around his homecoming at the end of July.  We only have 8.5 more months before he comes home.
 Maybe it is because I have been finding pictures of him on the "missionary Mamas" Facebook page every once in awhile.
 I think it might have something to do with the fact that his birthday is this month.
 And that I have been thinking about what I could put in his Christmas care package.
 I am so incredibly proud of the work he is doing and the man he is becoming.
 And that he is still my same old Tanner.
 I feel so blessed to call him "Son".  He will always be one of my dearest friends.  Tanner, I hope you get to read this.  Love, Mom.


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