October 2015 according to my iPhone

Technically this was the end of September but I wanted to sneak it in because it was a decent picture and a fun night.  We went to our annual Women's conference and as is our tradition we went to dinner before the conference with some of our favorite people.  

14 Down and 9 to go!  Man, I miss this kid.  This is still the lock screen on my phone and iPad.  Every time I look on them it makes me smile.  I love him so much.  It is going by so fast!

What mother doesn't love to see this on a random missionary mama Facebook account straight outta nowhere?  Thank you to this sweet sister who lives in my son's mission boundaries and is taking such good care of him.

Tanner has a new companion that he really is enjoying.  He is super upbeat which is always nice.
Tanner had a little mishap and got a puncture wound on his left (don't ask).  He had a little scare and had to to go to the urgent care when it appeared to be infected but after a few days of rest and relaxation and elevation, he is all better.
Kiki has been cheering her heart out in the thick of football season and homecoming.  She sure loves it and loves the girls she cheer with.

And for that matter, so is Reagan...

We are in the midst of a makeover over here and our kitchen cabinets went from this (left) to this (right)  Although I haven't taken a picture yet with the new hardware.  We love it and I could't recommend the gals who painted them more if anyone needs a cabinet makeover.
This is just a picture to show you that one of my daughters is crazy.  I really like her though.
Took these three out for burgers and fries before we went to watch a freshman football game.  Brady is blessed to have such good friends in Tyson and Hunter.
And I am blessed to have this gal in my life.
and this guy.  
These were taken as we were standing in line to go to Six Flags for fright fest.  Fun night with the Lloyds.

We hosted another successful tailgate at Reynolds for homecoming.  I say "we' but these two that flank me get all the credit.  Donna and Rebecca are a great team and when my dad died and I was buried in funeral arrangements they just took the ball and ran with it and did a magnificent job.  Love these ladies and am so grateful to call them friends.

And this gal too.  We spent many a Tuesday and Thursday each week serving athletic meals to football and volleyball players.  

I got a cool chance to go to a presidential forum that hosted most of the current republican candidates for President.  My father would have been jealous.  It was fantastic!

This crew had a wonderful homecoming weekend complete with breakfast at the cotton gin, a getting ready session before the dance, dinner at Babe's, and then a hot tub afterparty.  Love them.

Brady and his buddy Brett at the P2 Halloween party.

McKinley and Lexie went as "nerds" for the Stake Dance in October.  Cutest nerds I've ever seen.
and then dessert after the dance was at Chili's.  
I wish I had some pictures of Jensen but she is off to school and doesn't really send any.  We are looking forward to seeing her in December when she comes home for a few short weeks.  She continues to love school and her new job as a teaching assistant.  She is making enough money to keep her checking account from depleting too much which is all that a college gal can hope for, right?

We had a stake conference this month and Brent spoke at that.  They are creating a new ward here in our town next week and we are all eager to hear the details and how that will affect us.  Church is keeping Brent very busy but so has putting in new wood floors, fixing sprinklers, redecorating his office, and coaching Brady's basketball team.  He is probably glad that October is finally over.


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