D Day

Well today is the day. I am going into it with ZERO expectations, that way I won't be disappointed if things don't go well. It is such a disconcerting feeling to have your fate and future completely out of your own hands and in the control of a completely neutral third party. Here is what I have learned leading up to this fateful day:

1. Save! Save! Save! We are sooo glad we are savers! We would have never been able to afford to fight this battle (or keep a roof over our heads) if we hadn't been savers.

2. It's never a bad idea to have the business card of a good labor attorney in your rolodex. I'm just sayin'...

3. There is a silver lining to EVERYTHING, you just have to look for it. For instance, Brent was the only dad able to attend ALL the swim meets for the season.

4. Family trials make stronger families.

5. It feels GOOD to "let go and let God".

6. Prayer is even more powerful than I thought.

7. Oh yeah, that whole "turning the other cheek" thing....

8. With every "trial" (ironic, don't you think?) we get to choose. Is this going to make me BITTER or BETTER?

I'll keep you "posted".... (get it?)


AnoelleB said…
My prayers are with you today, Shahna! Love you!
Sarah said…
I will be saying a prayer for you today!
Amanda said…
I am on pins and needles for you today.
Chelsea said…
**Sending prayers and happy thoughts your way**

emblair said…
Anxious to hear the verdict... here's to hoping it's in your favor!

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