Got prayers?

If so... we could sure use some extra ones coming our way for the next week or so. We FINALLY go to court on Monday, the 20th. In case you aren't up to speed:

*Brent was "let go" on February 28th.

* BTW, they gave him the boot just a few weeks before he was going to close two big deals that they avoided paying him commissions for. :Coincidence, I think NOT!!!

*3 days after he was "let go" another competitor jumped at the chance and hired him.

*The day before he was supposed fly out to start training, his former employer served him and
the new company with a letter threatening legal action against both of them if they hired him because (they claim) he has a contract not to go to work for a direct competitor.

* Here we are five months later and he has had no less than 6 other companies express an interest in hiring him but they are all scared to do it before a judge rules on whether or not he actually has a "non-compete" contract. (He Doesn't!)

*We have been living off of our savings and spending alot of money on attorneys and I think my poor husband is going to go crazy if he doesn't get a job soon. Don't get me wrong, he loves being home with the kids but too much of a good thing....yada yada yada.

Anyway, we feel really good about our case but you just never know what will happen in our court system, quite honestly. Sometimes judges can rule in mysterious ways.

This is what I know:
I believe and have witnessed first hand the power of prayer. I have seen it work miracles. I know that "they that be with us are greater than they that be with them". I know that we have done what we feel was the right thing to do, even though sometimes it has been quite difficult. Please pray for us! We are hoping for the right to work as well as a chance to get our attorney fees and lost wages.


Suz said…
Thanks for sharing your update. Our prayers and faith are for you and your family. We love you!
Anonymous said…
your in my prayers and about the house - in 5 short weeks they will be back in school and we will wonder where the time went and you'll have more time to clean if that is what you really want to do!
Stacey B
Amanda said…
you know you have mine.
The A Team said…
we'll keep you in our prayers. let me know how things work out for you guys.

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