celebrating being four

I am finally uploading pictures from Brady's fourth birthday party. It was a swimming- clown-filled - face painting -balloon animal creating-cake and ice cream eating jamboree.

Wowza the Clown
Could that be our birthday boy disguised as spiderman?

Spiderman and his "main squeeze" ,the divine Miss Ashly.

Sweet little Marianna with a SNAKE on her face compliments of

Bubbles the Clown.

Jessica, Ella, and Carter holding his puppy dog balloon from Wowza.
Noah, the adorable puppy dog

Even the 13 and 14 year olds joined in the fun.
This is one of my favorite pics from the entire party, cute little Nate under all that makeup.
Apparantly the party was so much fun it had this effect on Gigi. This is how we found her when we came in after cleaning up.


Amanda said…
That face painting is so COOL:) What a fun- par-tay:) But what about the face paint and swimming? Didn't it wash off and get all over?--I always have to think of the messes...LOL:)
shahna said…
We swam the first hour and face painted the second. :O)
I was waiting for a picture with your face painted. I looks like lots of fun.
The A Team said…
what a fun party!!

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