You are beautiful, smart, kind, and wonderful

Sooo.  The other day I was giving this gal a little pep talk.  For the most part this is young lady that is pretty comfortable in her own skin and doesn't have one single SHALLOW bone in her body (despite her rather shallow mother).  But all teenage girls need a pep talk every so often when they have had a little disappointment in their life.

  They need to be reminded about what is REALLY important. They need to be told not to underestimate themselves.  They need to be carefully prodded to reach higher.  Sometimes they need to hear from the adults in their lives how important it is to not settle for "plan B" just because "plan A" didn't happen right away and it might require a little more work.

And in the process of having said conversation, I told her that she needed to remember DAILY that she is a beautiful, smart, kind, and wonderful person.  At the end of the day that is all that matters.  I told her I wished that she would look at herself in the mirror every day and say those words to remind herself of that!

Apparantly a little sister was listening.

Because the next day, Jensen came home from school and found these taped to her wardrobe in her room.  I knew immediately who the guilty - but wonderful- party was from the handwriting.


Jamie said…
That is gonna make me want to cry. What a wonderful mother you are. What a hard thing growing up can be. What a sweet, loving little sister. I want my family to be just like yours.
molly said…
Maybe I am just overly tired but that totally made me cry. You are an awesome mom and are raising such amazing kids :) I still remember babysitting Jensen and Tanner when they were as young as my boys.
Chesney said…
You have raised some amazing ladies. I am grateful to know your family!

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