Valentine's Day 2012

 I woke up to this on Valentine's Morning.  My hubby is the romantic one of the two of us.  This is his LOVE LANGUAGE.

Made not one but two yummy heart shaped pot pies (Brady's LOVE LANGUAGE)
and a salad in a fun red heart salad bowl. 

 Had some leftover GIANT cupcakes from the 4th grade valentine party to share for dessert.  (All three of my girl's LOVE language: chocolate!) 
(Forgot to mention that I threw a party for 147 4th graders today.  Boy, am I glad that is over.)

These are my honey-do's that my honey has committed to getting done for me this week.  This is MY LOVE LANGUAGE.  :)

Happy Valentine's Day everyone!


Amanda said…
Oh i love this post;) those pot pies look picture perfect:) and u and i have the same love language;) and please tell me u had lots of help with that 4th grade party!

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