Thursday, February 23, 2012

The most stressful stage of parenting, for me

Without a doubt this is it.
Atleast for me.
I have never been a nervous mother before.
But this makes me nervous.
In a month or so we will have not one but TWO teenage drivers on the road. (Tanner is being held hostage a little bit by Brent who insists that he accomplish a few things toward getting his Eagle Scout before he will take him to get his license.) . Oh my! It scares me to death every single time they are behind the wheel.
I worry that they are going to get lost.
or distracted
and run into something
or someone.
that they might get hurt
Or hurt someone else.
The reality is you just have to teach them best you can and then loosen the apron strings. It doesn't mean I won't worry.

1 "my two cents...":

Amanda said...

Sounds scary to me! I agree it sounds like the hardest part of parenting;) Especially since I already worry about little things! I am glad I am not there yet.....