trying to do our part

Elisa, Jensen, the Elders, Tanner, and Brady
(some air hockey on "P day" before the discussion.)

We are trying to do our part over here at the Argyle house.  I have never really thought of myself as much of a missionary.  Most of my friends until the last few years have been members of the church - which makes it hard.  That changed when we moved to Prosper.  We are so much more involved with neighbors and within the community so we have alot more opportunity to be member missionaries and examples.

Almost a year ago, Tanner had a friend (Layton) from the swim team come up to him and express interest in the church.  He started taking the discussions.  Lo and behold his dad (Josh) was not all too keen on the idea so he decided that he was going to sit in on the discussions and see what the missionaries were filling his son's head with.

Well a few months later, Josh was baptized.  This coming saturday his wife, Jennifer is going to be baptized.  When their daughter turns 8 in a few months she is going to be baptized by Josh.  Pretty cool, huh?  (We are still crossing our fingers for Layton.)

Jensen has a friend (Elisa) that is living with a couple in our ward.  Elisa is a foreign exchange student from Germany and Jensen and her have really hit it off.  Jensen has offered to help the missionaries teach Elisa and now we have the blessing of having the discussions being taught in our home again.  

The missionaries were here for dinner last week and challenged us to find someone to be a missionary to.  I invited my friend Gayla to our RS activity tomorrow night.  I also agreed to give my friend, Donna a video.  

Brent has referred a lady from his last job to the missionaries.  She lives in another state but she is taking the discussions.

We are trying to do our part.  I don't know if we will ever see any of our friends baptized but we are trying to do our part, however small.


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