It's usually through another that He meets our needs

President Spencer W. Kimball explained:
“God does notice us, and he watches over us. But it is usually through another person that he meets our needs”
 (“Small Acts of Service,” Ensign, Dec. 1974, p. 5).

My sweet friend, Cheri, just shared an experience that she had last week that I think reflects this oft quoted thought above from President Spencer W. Kimball.  I love to document these things so that I can go back and see the hand of God in the lives of His children.
Cheri teaches institute to the young single adults in my stake.  She loves the calling and the young single adults love her.  Cheri also has a hubby that has to be out of town sometimes.  Last week she was feeling torn between her calling and being the extraordinary mom she is and always wants to be.
As she was preparing her lesson and getting ready to go to teach her class, she found herself in humble prayer to Heavenly Father.  She had one daughter, Caty (age 11) that had not been feeling well earlier that day and another, Kelsea (age 13) that was cheering at one of her last home games.  Her husband, Eric was out of town.  She wanted to go support Kelsea and she felt really bad about leaving Caty while she was ill.  She poored her heart out to Heavenly Father, expressing her concerns to Him and noone else.
After praying, she felt assured that if she would go and do what he needed her to do (teach her lesson), he would take care of the rest.  She wasn't sure what that meant but she was obedient and did just that.  She finished preparing her lesson and got dressed for institute.
Then she got a suprise text from a friend telling her that she was at the game with all of her family, watching Kelsea.  Also, they had picked Caty up from a rehearsal at the school.  Caty was feeling better, and could Caty stay with their family and watch the game and they would get her home?
A few minutes later she heard that another friend had gone later in the evening to watch Kelsea cheer. too. 
Kelsea's YW president showed up with her husband and two children. 
Kelsea BY FAR felt the most love that night of all the girls on the cheer squad.
And Heavenly Father answered a mother's prayer.
Cheri shared this sweet experience with me with tears in her eyes and expressed how grateful she was that her friends acted on a prompting to support Kelsea and take care of Caty and for a loving Heavenly Father who heard and answered her prayers. 

I know that Heavenly Father answers our prayers but it is usually through others that he meets their needs.  :O)


Chesney said…
I love moments like these! Thanks for sharing!!

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