Lessons from Job: His Grace is Sufficient

In my very last session with Brother Hinckley, he asked me:
"if you could sum up what you have learned from this whole experience in one phrase, what would it be?"
I thought for a minute. 
And then it came to me.
"HIS grace is sufficient". I said.
Brother Hinckley smiled.  "Oh, I love that!"  "But tell me what that means".
I went on. 
"It means it doesn't matter if it is a day that I don't think I will ever be able to get through by myself, 
a longing to be forgiven of something I have done wrong, 
a task or feat that is given to me that I feel overwhelmed by,
a change I want to make in my character,
or a feeling of impending doom.
If I put my trust in HiM, He has always seen me through.  His Grace is sufficient."
I continued:
When something not-so-great would happen to me I used to panic and say to myself, "oh GREAT! It's another red letter day for the ARGYLES, here we go again!".

"Now, I say, Well.... we've done all that we can do, it will be interesting to see how Heavenly Father helps us work through this." 
That is not to say that it is always easy.
Just last month, as we sent off a check for our FINAL medical bill to cover Brent's surgery and cash flow was a little tight because of that, I glanced through my budget for the remainder of the month, realizing that there wasn't alot of wiggle room for some unexpected expenses that were coming.  The old Shahna would have let that ruin her day and possibly would have gone into a full blown panic attack. 
The New Shahna said, "Well, we have paid our tithing and a generous fast offering and we have been careful to follow our budget, it will be interesting to see how Heavenly Father is going to help us work through this".  
I left it at that.
Two days later my mother called and told me that she had inherited more from my grandmother's estate than she had anticipated and she had decided to send some of the surplus to me and my brother and sister. 
Yep.  After we do all that we can and exercise FAITH, His grace is sufficient. 


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