8 on his Eighth

I could not love this little guy more.  
There is so much to like about him.  
Here are eight of my favorite things about him on his eighth birthday.

1.  He has so much enthusiasm for everything he does.  Whether its being a new cub scout or trying a new sport he is genuinely excited to try anything new.

2.  He is friends with everyone, and a good one at that. 

3.  No one is more OBEDIENT than Brady.

4.  No one TRIES HARDER than Brady.

5.  He is absolutely, positively CRAZY about his dad and wants to be just like him.

6.  He loves sports.  Watching them, playing them, talking about them.  First thing he does when he wakes up in the morning is look up who won what big game the night before because he probably had to go to bed before the game was finished.

7.  He is our little "executive secretary".  He reminds us of things we need to remember:  "Tanner is your phone in your pocket? (before Tanner jumps in the pool) and "Mom, don't forget so and so's birthday is Friday and we need to get her a present."  All this week he has consulted his twilight camp packing list to make sure that he has everything he needed packed up before I even got a chance to think about it.  He does the same thing every day with his gear for swim team.

8.  Because he is so darn on the ball, he is super independent and self sufficient, an attribute that comes in handy when your the caboose in a family of 7.

Happy Birthday Brady Maxy Poo.  We love you so much!


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