Girl's Camp 2013

Haven't posted in awhile but I was off at Girl's camp for a week and was busy getting ready for Girl's camp before that. Here are some highlights.
 Prosper 2nd ward girls - Minus the YCLs.
Me and my besties.  Brent calls us "Shahna and the S/Cheris"
 (Cheri and Sheri)

All dressed up for the crazy stake leader skit on Tuesday night.  Man alive we made fools of ourselves.
 4 of the cutest little beehives in the world.

 Got lots of chances to catch up with old friends like thos one, Heather Perdue.  I have known her for over 25 years.
 McKinley, not to be confused with Annie Oakley.
 Grandpa Stevens would have been proud to see this girls in action.

 This was part of the Thursday night program.  It was so incredible and maybe I will get a chance to post more detail about it later but Brent was nice enough to come up and help light the tree for the "Tree of Life" on Wednesday night.
 Got to know these two fun ladies much better and have decided they are keepers.  Anne and Julie made all the long hours so much more fun!

 Sheri and I spent the entire time doing crafts and facilitating a service project with the girls.  Love this lady with all my heart.

 We decorated the craft area.  here are some pictures of the cute girls working on our file folder service project.  We made educational file folders for local children's hospitals to use with long term patients who have to miss a lot of school.
Overall, it was a fantastic week.  I am so grateful for a supportive husband who is always willing to step in and make it easy for me to take off with friends and do things like this.  


Elise said…
That looks like so much fun. Never thought I'd miss girls' camp, but I do. And what kind of girls' camp IS that? Super fancy--nice!

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