How a busy mom of FIVE leaves for FIVE days

As I was packing up to get ready to go to girl's camp for a week, I realized I needed to help my hubby and big kids out a little and give them some structure and work out a schedule.   Now that Jensen and Tanner are both working alot this summer and having to share their truck, it had to be all coordinated since I wasn't here to serve as Plan B in case they had to be at work at the same time.

When I cam home I asked Tanner if it was harder without me.  "hoping he would say, of course, that it was. But he paused a moment and said, "actually, it might have been easier, Mom.  We didn't have to clean anything until right before you came home. "  Brent said it was REALLY hard to get everybody wher they needed to be and cover all the bases.  I feel appreciated. 


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