June 2014 according to my iphone

 Spent LOTS and LOTS of time this month with this kid mission shopping.  
 Brady had twilight cub scout camp and loved every minute of it.

 We celebrated our 25th wedding anniversary.
 Brent surprised me with these beautiful roses among other things.  
 Had a birthday bash for our favorite nine year old.  There are 23 little boys in his age group between the Prosper 2nd and 3rd wards and we invited all of them.  Most of them were able to make it. What a good bunch of boys they are!

 Hanky and Reagan enjoyed the party too.

 I love this quote from President Hickley.  Having read his biography and several talks from his daughter, Virginia Hinckley Pearce, I know that he truly was an eternal optimist and I love that he was constantly reminding us to have faith and be positive.
 Sorry for the poor picture quality but we went to see "The Fault In Our Stars" with the Petersons and Lloyds for a girls night.  There wasn't a dry eye in the theater.

Brent spent a great deal of June working on my car.  He replaced the brakes, then the back rotars, then the front rotars. I am so grateful for a handy hubby that saves us lots $$$ as a DIYer.  He continues to stay busy with his responsibilities in the stake presidency.  After so many years of being sick, he is happy to be able to serve, even if it means 12 hour Sundays and most T, W, and Th nights.  He is so grateful that Heavenly Father healed him so that he can pay it forward.  He feels so fortunate to be able to work so closely with President Platt who is one of the most righteous men we have ever known.  He is also very busy with work and hopes to close the biggest deal he has ever seen within the next few weeks.  We recognize Heavenly Father's hand in the success he has had at work lately.

Tanner continues to earn mission money by teaching several students private swim stroke clinics.  Two of his students started out not being able to swim the length of the pool and after a few weeks of lessons with Tanner they had beautiful freestyle strokes that were strong enough that they made the Prosper summer swim team.  Their mother was so thrilled.  He has had 7 students in all so that has kept him busy.  He also continues to work at Old Navy and enjoys it most when he gets to work a shift with his best friend, Kade.  We have quite the Mormon posse working at Old Navy now.

McKinley, Reagan, and Brady (our little social  butterflies) are having such a fun summer.  They each have so many friends that there is always some group over here or they are asking to go to someone else's house for the day.  I am so grateful that we live in an area where there are so many wonderful families, LDS and non-LDS for my kids to associate with.  Prosper has been such a blessing to our entire family.

Jensen...well she continues to do well at school but we rarely hear from her.  From the looks of her debit account she is going out with roommates and friends every night so we understand that calling home isn't really on her mind.  We are so glad she is enjoying college so much and look forward to her coming home for a few weeks at the end of July.

I have been taking a GRE prep class online to get me ready for the test in January.  Its been a few years so I am a little nervous but so far I feel like I am doing okay.  Hopefully I can apply to graduate school in the spring.  I have decided to pursue  a Masters degree in Clinical Social Work so I can become a therapist for the church.  I found an LDS therapist who said she would mentor me and help with my internship so it feels like things are falling into place.  The focus of her practice is women and adolescent girls which is what I want to concentrate on as well so I am excited for this new opportunity.  I also am enjoying teaching the CTR7 class at church.  I have the most precious group of children.  I have not had very much experience on the ward level in primary so this has been a nice new opportunity.  I realize how inspired my bishop was to call me there because I think I was kind of burned out after trek and Stake Primary.  Since we moved here 8 years ago I had been involved in some tough and time consuming church assignments and this has been a breath of fresh air.

Well, that about does it.  As you can see, June has been good to us.  We hope to report that July will be too.  We are bracing for the hottest month of the year here and praying for much needed rain.  We are also hoping that we survive sending this soon-to-be-missionary off to Tucson.  Man, we are going to miss that kid.

Blog to you soon.
the Argyles


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