Paying it Forward

Tanner got a rather large check in the mail from some old friends.  Treasured, beloved friends.

It was completely unexpected but very much appreciated.

We weren't a bit surprised that these old friends thought to send him a card, or even a check, to support his missionary efforts.

But we WERE surprised at how incredibly generous they were.  

I wrote these wonderful people an email telling them how much we appreciated their kindness.  Tanner wrote them a note too.

I got an interesting reply. 

Several years ago, they had fallen on some hard times.  A large expense came up and they weren't sure how they were going to pay for it.  They were worried.  Then a friend came to them with a donation for their worthy cause.  It was the same amount that Tanner had been the recipient of.

They had decided all those years ago, upon receiving the donation, that at some point they would find a good cause and pay it forward.  
And they did.

Can't wait til' we figure out how we will get to pay it forward.


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