Brotherly Torture

The letter of the day is "T".  And it is brought to you by Tanner.  And by the words torture and tacky.
Just a little background.  McKinley, our fashion conscience 13 year old, had some cute silver flip flops that she loved.  Unfortunately, her sister was walking too closely behind her at the mall the other day and the strap on them broke.  So I have been on the lookout for some replacement strappy silver sandals/flip flops.  
Tanner was with me at Target today when he saw these and had to torture his sister a bit.

 I love this boy.  Man, we are going to miss him in 29 days.  He keeps things exciting around here.


Jeni said…
I feel like I just read a conversation with my husband an me. Hahaha this is hilarious!
Shari said…
I have a favorite pair of silver flip flops too - they go with everything! Let me know when you find a non-torture pair...

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