Happy Ninth birthday to this kid.  I really like him.
Let me tell you nine reasons why he is one of my favorites.

1.  We don't refer to him as the "executive secretary" for nothin'.  He is pretty much the most on the ball person in our house.  (Just this past weekend I got a text from the ward primary secretary that he had been assigned the scripture for opening exercises.  When I reminded him right before church he told me he had it marked already in his scriptures and had been practicing reading it all week,)
2.  He is not a respecter of persons.  He has a sincere, innate desire to be friends with everyone and make them feel valued.  I even got an email from his school teacher this past year telling me how heart warming it had been to watch Brady befriend a boy from the special needs class that would periodically come in their classroom for mainstreaming.  
3.  He is super obedient.
4.  He is tidy.  Tidy Argyle children are few and far between.
5.  He is uber responsible.  Freakishly so.
6.  He is enthusiastic about everything.
7.  He comes in my room to snuggle with  me every morning before school as soon as he wakes up.
8.  He works really hard at things he isn't naturally good at.  
9.  He has a great sense of humor.

Happy Birthday sweet boy.
Don't know how I got so lucky to be your mom but you sure make life around here exciting.  


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