To celebrate this gal's fourteenth year with us, I thought I would mention fourteen things about her that you might not know.

1.  Her nicknames are 
"McKinley Ileney beanie" 
and "Kiker bo beeker butt".  
I know.  It's weird.  
2.  Her middle name, Ilene, comes from one of my very best friends that tragically passed away when she was a young mother.  
(Ilene was one of the best ladies I have ever known and each of our kids are named after someone I would like them to pattern their lives after.)
3.  She plays guitar.
4.  She plays the ukele.
5.  She plays piano, 
(not proficiently because she moved on to guitar, but some.)
6.  Her favorite person in the whole wide world is her older brother, Tanner. 
 (She pretty much worships the ground he walks on.)
7.  She prefers "indie" music to top 40.
8.  One Direction is the exception to that rule, she loves them.
9.  I have never seen her get her feelings hurt 
(a rare find among the teenage girl set.)  
10.  She is a squad leader for the cheerleaders at her middle school.
11.  She  can be bribed into doing pretty much anything with a trip to the donut store.
12.  She would eat Chick Fil A for breakfast, lunch, and dinner if we would let her.
13.  50% of the things that come out of her mouth are sarcastic.
14.  She is our great dane, Brutus's,  favorite member of the family.


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