In celebration of the girl that made us parents twenty years ago, here's 20 facts about her.

1.  She's an introvert.
2.  She might be the only 20 year old in the country that has never taken a selfie.
3.  She loves a good book.
4.  She loves college for the learning part more than the college life part.
5.  She is THE most patient person I know.
6.  She is guileless.
7.  She has been strong willed since the moment she was born.
8.  She struggles with anxiety sometimes.
9.  She lives close to the Spirit.
10.  She is going to live and study in London next year.
11.  She gets her middle name from my grandmother - Evelyn - who is one of my favorite people in the whole wide world.
12.  She has a sweet tooth.
13.  She has an even sweeter disposition.
14.  She loves musical theater.
15.  She wants to be a writer and editor.
16.  She has an innate and very large capacity to love children.
17.  Her favorite tv shows are "How I  Met Your Mother" and "Downton Abbey".
18.  She loves to go to movies the day they open.
19.  She is frugal.
20.  Honestly, she is the best person I know and I'll betcha every one of her siblings and her dad would say the same thing about her.

Happy 20th year Jenner Penner!
We love ya!


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