Playing 20 questions with Elder Argyle

1.  What's your favorite part of the day?
Well it is different every day but it's usually after 5 cause that's when most of our lessons are

2.  What's your least favorite?

 My least favorite part of the mission is when we hit a dead end with an investigator after testifying our guts out

3.  What's your favorite thing to do on your "P" day?

Sports/ Well today we are going to a steakhouse so that is going to be my favorite today.

4.  What do you miss most about home?  Besides me, of course.

That's easy.. Music. Every once in a while I will find a Brandon Flowers song on a missionary mix so it's not that bad.

5.  What surprises you most about being a missionary?

The fact that I am asked for advice from people who are much much older than me.

6.  What is your favorite guilty pleasure, now that your not allowed very many guilty pleasures.

I have been drinking a lot of Dr. Pepper and throwback  Mountain Dew. Chocolate twinkies are also pretty solid

7.  Have you had a quarrel with your companion?  If so, what about?

Just over stupid stuff. usually just about movies and music

8.  Can you find Dr. Pepper in Thatcher?  Is that the $2 purchases I occasionally see at a gas station?

Yes. It is just as popular over here.

9.  Did the pants I sent you fit?  Do you like them?

yes,  they did. I am currently wearing them
10.  How are your shoes holding up?  Are they comfy?
they have a few scuffs cause we walk basically everywhere.

11.  Are you gaining weight with all those members feeding you so well?

I have gained 10lbs. But I am working out everyday  and drinking protein shakes so that's why.
12.  Any ideas for Christmas?  I know you said you have everything you need, but really.
P90X? Possibly. I don't want to get fat and we only workout at home. Elder Charles has it and we workout with that a lot. Other than that probably hoodies and cardigans it is starting to get cold.

13.  What is the hardest thing about being a missionary?

Not getting homesick

14.  Do you like your Mission President?

President Passey is very chill but I haven't had a real chance to get to know him all that well.

15.  Do you call your companion , "elder" or by his last name?

I am supposed to call him elder Charles 24/7 but Charles slips out a lot.

16.  What's the best meal someone has cooked for you?

I had a pretty good burrito last night.

17. Name something you have learned from your mission so far.

I have learned that the Book of Mormon resolves basically all concerns investigators may have. 

18.  Any advice for McKinley?  She has her first stake dance in 2 weeks.

Don't go

19.  How does that bag we bought you work out?  Is it bigger or smaller than you would have liked?

It's too big. Elder Charles always asks me to carry all the stuff cause his bag is so much smaller it sucks to carry around.

20.  How long has Elder Charles been out?

Almost 17 months.


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