March 2015 according to my iphone

Elder Argyle and his companion are in the same ward as the WWII candy bomber.  Tanner continues to find success as a missionary for our church.  We received word Friday from his mission president that he has been assigned to be a district leader.

We had a great Spring Break Staycation.

 Redecorated Reagan's room

 Found this gal's scriptures on her nightstand one day after she had gone to school - a sure sign that she had been reading them the night before.  I am so grateful for good kids who exercise their agency by wanting to do the right things.
 This boy can't get enough basketball in.  Even when it is freezing rain.

 Enjoyed one of my favorite date nights of the year, 
Lobsterfest with the love of my life.  SOOOO GOOD!
 This girl was inducted into the National Junior Honor Society
 and so were some of her friends

 McKinley was a speaker at the ceremony (she was inducted last year)
 Reagan had a melt down on the day that she found out that Zayn was quitting One Direction, her favorite band.  She sobbed for 20 minutes but it was nothing that ice cream couldn't fix.
 Attended the open house for our new building in Prosper.  
This was my favorite part: the missionary display.  
 Made my traditional Conference Packets for my primary class.
 Had to snap a pic of this future missionary looking at his brother's plaque on the wall.  I'm glad I have nine years until that happens.  Love that kid and really miss his brother but I wouldn't have him anywhere else.
Both girls made cheerleader for next year.  Brady has become a ball handler on his basketball team and scored 4 points at his last game.  He also dribbled the ball behind his back.  Brent has some exciting things going on but I will post more about that later.  School is sucking up all my free time but I am learning so much and am finding it easier to balance than I thought.  Jensen is working hard and saving a lot of money but is counting the days until she leaves for London.  


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