Spring Break 2015

I love a good "staycation".  
I love sleeping in my own bed.  
On my own pillow.
We didn't cook a thing, ate out every meal.  It was bliss.
We had lots of play time with friends.  (teens called that hanging out.)
Went to Uncle Julios and shopping with Lindsey
I hate to admit there was homework in there (mine) because my school doesn't have a spring break.
But the kids were great sports about that.
We went room shopping and got Reagan a new bed, rug, dresser, and end table.
Painted her room.
Spent the day at six flags
shock wave
bat man
mr freeze
funnel cakes
$12 sodas
dental visit- had one kid with four cavities
slept in 
La Hacienda for lunch

It was a great, restful, restorative week.


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