Oh to be thirteen again!  Well, now that I think about it I might not want to do that all over again.  But thirteen is sure a fun time in your life.  Especially for this girl.  Of all my kids, she reminds me most of myself. Man, I get her.  I know what motivates her and upsets her.  I know how sensitive she is to others around her who are hurting and at the same time she has a temper like you wouldn't believe when she is mad at her sister.  She is always surrounded by a circle of friends.  She loves to do her best at everything she attempts and has (like her mother) been called "perky" a time or two.
I was a little concerned that her birthday yesterday wouldn't feel special because we spent all of last week buying her new bedding, furniture, and painting her room.  I wasn't about to spend more for gifts.  But her sweet friends at school compensated and made it a very special day.  One close friend and her thoughtful mom woke up extra early and went to Starbucks to get her hot chocolate before school.  Another friend made her cupcakes and invited her over for dinner after school.  Oh and she found out that she made cheerleader again for next year which was probably the best gift she could have gotten.  She was pretty excited about that.  

 And lest you think she is perfect, I found these pictures on my phone when I was looking for some cute pics of her for this post.  She was doing this on a Saturday.  When she was supposed to be doing chores.  That's my Reagan.  I'm thinking I'm the one that got the gift exactly 13 years ago.


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