Future Olympian 2024?

One more post about swim team - mostly for my family-because they wanted an update. Coach "T" told us at the awards ceremony tonight that Reagan was the 8th best backstroker in the city (just under 2500 total swimmers!) for her age group. WOW! Next step, the OLYMPICS 2024???
The girls with their coach, Tammy.
All 4 kids with both coaches Coach "T" and Tammy.

McKinley filled in as an alternate and won two ribbons also.

Tanner competed with his relay team and they won 7th and 15th place.

As an aside: Don't feel bad for Jensen that she wasn't a part of ALLSTARS. She was so happy to be able to sit in the stands and cheer on her siblings. She realized that she liked all the long distance running the coaches were having her do as part of the conditioning and she has decided to go out for the cross country team at Middle School. Expect some running posts in the Fall!


How fun! It looks like you had a blast! It seems you have some great swimmers on your hands. What a way to spend the summer!

To answer your question, it was Taco Bueno. We also went to Buffalo Wild Wings with Jason. Two yummy restaurants that aren't in Utah that Walt and I love to go to now we're back in Texas.
Danielle said…
what talented kids you have.
I can't wait till Zoey's old enough to swim on her own and participate in sports/music and fun activities! I miss having you in the ward! Can you send me your e-mail addy? I'd like to send you an E-vite.
Amanda said…
Sounds like such a fun summer activity:) How awesome that they all got ribbons! And I just love Jensen's new haircut now that I have seen it in person too:)

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