So you think you can dance...

SO, Who are your favorites?
The GIRLS...




And, the GUYS






Oh my gosh!! This is my favorite show in the world!! I look forward to the summer every year for the warm weather, swimming, outdoor bbq's, and for this show!!! Let me just tell you that I was really upset by last week when Will went home. He should have been in the top four. I think Mark should go home next. I think he should have gone home last week. I was glad Comfort went home, but I have no idea what girl next. I'm at a loss. Katee is awesome in everything she does. Chelsie is adorable and she's a cute little mormon girl from Orem, so what's not to love about her? And, Courtney is really good in every genre. She has really surprised me. I think Katee deserves to stay, but no matter who goes home, I think I'll be sad. Anyway, sorry for the novel of a comment. I'm just pretty into the show. :)
Haley said…
Katee and Twitch....all the way!
shahna said…
I know! I love everyone that is left. I think Mark is definitely the next guy to go. He is talented, though. I would love to see TWITCH win. All of the girls left are really talented. I was so sad to see Kherrington go - she was sooo cute. Gev was a fave in our house too. Boo hoo!
Danielle said…
I have never seen this before...but Charlie Riska kept telling me to because he says I look like one of the girls on the show.
Danielle said…
This comment has been removed by the author.
shahna said…

you look like Courtney. Hey when are we gonna go out with you guys? Have David call Brent on his cell to work out the logistics.
Danielle said…
yea that's who he said I looked like. funny. I will have David call, that will be fun to see you guys...we missed you at the housewarming!
I can't wait until SYTYCD is on again. My friend Chris was on it this last season. It was fun hanging out with him after he got kicked off when I was in Dallas and getting to hear the inside info on the show.

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