I got tagged with "The Five"
The Five, ten years ago…

1. I had 2 kids and was so overwhelmed that I thought I would never have anymore.
2. I was living in our first home in Carrollton. It was 1700 square feet and so stinkin' cute. It was sooo easy to keep clean.
3. I was YW President and making some of the best friends of my life with the girls I had (Lynsi, Boots, Sharon, Lauralee, Molly, Amanda, Jaimee, Megan...shall I go on?).
4. I was a crossing gaurd working an hour a day and making 400 bucks a month to sit in the car and listen to the radio. Best job ever!
5. I was graduating from UNT with an education degree.

Five things on today’s “to do” list…
1. Make meal plans/grocery list for the week.
2. piano practice (for kids).
3. Some "action items" for calling.
4. Write some thank you notes.
5. schedule visiting teaching.

Five snacks I enjoy
1. anything with chocolate
2. granola bars
3. diet coke
4. popcorn
5. skinny cow dip bars (hello, only 80 calories!)

Five things I would do if I was a millionaire…
1. Save it. Sorry, I am a saver...very boring!
2. Go on a mission when we are retired (which we plan to do anyway!)
3. Hire a full time chef. Ya'll know how I feel about cookin'.
4. Invest in ikea stock. I love that place.
5. Air condition my attic to make room for more food storage.

Five places I have lived…
1. Richardson
2. Carrollton
3. Provo
4. Orem
5. Where I live now which I will not say on this blog.


Danielle said…
are those skinny cow dip bars ice cream?
shahna said…
yes. they are called skinny dippers. so good.
Mommy said…
I tried Skinny cow sandwiches once and they were not good to me.....maybe the bars are better??

So funny that you were one of my YW leaders:) I remember Jensen and Tanner as babies!

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