rock the reception

So now that SYTYCD is over I am looking for a new show to watch. Good News! Tabitha and Napoleon, my favorite choreographers have a new show on TLC called "Rock the Reception". It is so fun! Instead of the traditional waltz, T and N choreograph a hip hop routine for the bride and groom (and sometimes other members of the wedding party) to do in place of the couple's first dance. We watched it the other day and I think I am really liking this show. Check it out.

PS: My camera is back. YEAH!!!!!!


how about the new 90210?? Heehee.

did the camera get fixed good? that is awesome! congrats!
Amanda said…
I watched this once and loved it:)
shahna said…
amanda, so sorry i stood you up this morning. i hope you guys had fun without me.
Amanda said…
Shahna--NO PROBLEM! I got your text:) And we didn't even go b/c it was so windy and rained a bit!
Lauralee said…
What channel is it on? I love Tabitha and Napoleon!

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