dolphin "encounter"

We "encountered" the dolphins at Chankanaab in Cozumel when we were on vacation. I say "encounter" because Kiki, Reagan, and Brady were too young to "Swim" with the dolphins so we had to settle for a dolphin "encounter". We were assigned to Regina who had just had a baby. the baby was so cute and she was with us too. Here are some pics! Notice how thrilled Brady looks. I think it was a little too much for him.


Amanda said…
Brady does look a bit overwhelmed:) But the rest of the kiddos look like they loved it!!!! What a fun experience---good thing you got great pictures so the kids can remember it in years to come!
Bethanne said…
Omigosh, I have always wanted to do that! YEAH! What great pictures!!!
How fun!! The pic of Brady cracked me up. I love the one of Jensen too. She looks like she's having a blast. You have such beautiful kids! What a fun memory!
Chella said…
Swimming with dolphins is on my bucket list. Cute Pics. It looks like you had a great vacation before the school year started. Thanks for the invite.
MissLissa said…
I'm not sure how I got access to your blog without realizing it... :) but I'm really glad I did! I LOVE this picture of Jensen. You guys are so cute.
~Melissa Gentry
Lauralee said…
I am so jealous! That is a dream of mine is to some day go swimming with dolphins! I bet they had so much fun!

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