dancing with the stars new season!!!

Here are my faves for this season.

Is it just me or does this picture of Lance Bass kinda' make you laugh ever since he came out of the closet? I dunno, it just kind of seems funny to me.

I think Kim Kardashian is so pretty - she reminds me of my dear friend SUMMER but with dark hair. I like her.

Brooke Burke has had four kids and looks AMAZING. For that alone, I think I will vote for her.

Toni Braxton did a great job tonight. Her professional partner, Alex Mazo, is a favorite of mine. She looks to me like she might go pretty far in the competition but....

My prediction for the one who is taking home the fabulous disco ball is...........

Mr. Lance Bass

Let me know what you think..


Brianne said…
Ooh, I like all the people you mentioned too and I was so thrilled that the weird comedian guy went home last night. Lance definitely has a good shot at winning, especially since the odds of a guy winning it are in his favor (and yes, it's hard to look at him straight when you know he's not), but I really like Brooke too - amazing - four kids and the youngest is only 6 months old!
Mandie said…
Okay, THANK YOU! I was watching Kim K. these past few days racking my brain trying to figure out who she looks like, and you're right, she totally looks like summer!!!
Summer Adams said…
OMgosh, you girls are sooooo nice! I would way rather hear that instead of the whole britney spears look-alike thing :) I love you and Mandie! I think Kim K is so gorgeous but I think you're stretching it ;-) You won points with me though ha!

Funny Shahna, I have that SAME prediction and they are my favorites too!!! Ok, I love Brooke but it depressing that her abs look like that with a 6 month-old. Just when I thought mine were looking good with an 8 month-old...then she shows up and WOW, I'm not even close, lol! Isn't her hubby so cute?! I loved him on Baywatch years ago :)

Looove all your pics on the wall, you did a great job and they are SO cute of your fam. I have not eaten Frito Pie since I left Dallas, forgot about that yummy dish. Thanks for the reminder. That's always a quick meal (who cares about cholesterol right? ha!). Yay for Tanner, football is so fun! I'm sure Brent is thrilled. MISS YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Cynthia said…
Thanks for the comment, I would love to see your new dog, maybe you can e-mail me some pictures...My dogs name is champion but we call him "champ", I like to have him but it's alot of work at the beginning...But, the best part it's what you said about going on a walk or running together....Anyways, I love Dancing with the stars, since I've been here I love to watch reality shows...and my favorite ones are Kim Kardashian and Brooke.I hope Kim wins. She's so nice.
Chesney said…
I just love watching that show. I am fan through and through. Who will win? I like Kym and Warren. They were pretty good the first night. I need an outfit like the dancers!!!

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