the Jonas brothers new Texas Homestead...poor little paupers!!!

Brent played golf yesterday with a friend at Vacarro. (I am not sure I spelled that right.) Vacarro is the swankiest golf course around. It also happens to be the neighborhood where the Jonas boys purchased a home recently. I know that because it was the header on the Dallas Morning news a few weeks ago. It must have been a slow news day. Anyway, the friend that he played golf with lives there and pointed out which house it was so Brent took a pic. Poor little guys. I hate to see them have to squeeze into this little bitty thing....tell your pre-teen girls not to get too excited, it is gated.


molly said…
you know that's where my in-laws live. they know the street they are going to live on just not the house.
Sarah said…
one of Dylan's business buddies' wife was the real estate agent-- she worked strictly with their "pepole" and had no idea who she was selling the house to until the very end-- even then she had to ask who the Jonas Brothers were. Obviously no little girls at home :D
Chella said…
Not to bad for some teen-boys! I am glad to find out how to change the font...I was wondering how you got it so cute.
Suz said…
You need to tell Molly her in-laws are up on the celebrity news! Right!

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