the good mothers

"The most important thing she’d learned over the years was that there was no way to be a perfect mother and a million ways to be a good one. "
— Jill Churchill

I am far from a perfect mother. Some days I don't even think I could call myself a good one. Here are a few of the millions of ways that help me on my "good mother" days.

1. Try to get all the housekeeping things done so that when they get home from school in the afternoon they have my undivided attention.

2. Turn off the radio on car rides so we can talk.

3. Tell them not just that I love them but that I like them and why.

4. Family scripture study before they go off to school to armor them for the day. Middle school is tough.

5. Sometimes I say "no".

6. Home Cooked Meals.

Share your best "good mom" tip! Whether it is something you do, your mom did for you, or something you have seen in another good mother.

Leave them in the comments. :O)


Natalie said…
Since I have to say "no" a lot, I say "yes" as often as I possibly can.

Never remake the beds after they have made them...even though it dirves me nutty because I know it would look better if I did it. Let it go, it's a bed, it really doesn't matter.(Yes, I learned the hard way on this should have seen the sad eyes of my child when he realized because I remade his bed, he hadn't done it good enough for me...ughhhhhh.)
Karen said…
First off, tell them you LOVE THEM every single day - more than once.

Show them you also love yourself and though you spend lots of time and sacrifice your wants and needs often to care for them, that YOU, too are important and FILL YOUR OWN CUP! In other words, take care of yourself! Exercise, spend some time alone doing something you love to do, get something new for yourself occasionally, take a bubble bath, take a nap, whatever helps you renew yourself. You'll be much more able to give to your family, you'll be more patient, and more relaxed because you've taken care of YOU.
shahna said…
Great comments from two great women! I totally subscribe to that same theory that you have to put yourself as a priority. I spent a year NOT doing that not so long ago and I feel like when mama ain't happy, ain't noone in her home is gonna be happy. When I put myself as a priority I am more able to seek to their needs.

The making the bed thing is a HARD ONE for me too! I just have to let it go. Thanks for the reminder.
Danielle said…
What comes to my mind is when we say either family prayer or prayer at dinner time and Evan would want to say it we always let him say it and then either me or David would say another one, but one night I decided not to do that. His prayer was enough. even though its hard to understand him i could hear him thanking H.F. for the baby and the food. His face just lights up when I let him say the whole prayer, and it makes me feel so good!

That might sound silly but it really did make me feel like a good mom.
Juli said…
Shahna when I think of you as a mother this is the pharase that comes to mind, "practically perfect in every way!"
Janie said…
Tell my girls how beautiful they are and my son how handsome he is - good self esteem rocks!
Amanda said…
I do not feel qualified to share any tips....but since I usually give my opinion even when I am not qualified.......

Think before you blurt out a "no" ---905 of the time the answer doesn't have to be "no"--it could be...we can do that get the point.

Don't ever make a PROMISE that you are not 100% sure you can keep

Don't ever give a choice that you are not 100% happy with them choosing.

Tell the truth.

Never end the day w/o a cuddle and a book.

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