shame on me!

Last night I took Tanner to basketball practice at a middle school in a neighboring city. When I woke up this morning I realized
a) I must have left the phone at the middle school by accident
b) dropped it in the parking lot on my way to the car.
Oh crap!

I searched high and low and all over my house, purse, and car but to no avail. I knew It HAD to be at the school. "Oh, well" I told a friend , "Fat chance that some middle schooler would find a pink razr and turn it in to the lost and found. I guess I will be buying a new phone this week." I even called and had the provider turn the service off so that I wouldn't be responsible for any calls.

I had just finished making a list of all the lost phone numbers I would have to find a re-enter


HALLELUJAH! (insert chorus of angels here)
My home number rang!!! The Middle School Coach called to tell me someone had turned it in and left it on his desk.
I am so glad to hear that someone out there has some integrity. Doesn't it feel like lately everywhere you turn there are stories of one more person who lied or cheated or stole or murdered?( Amanda, I know you can relate to this right now!)

Anyway, I was wrong for being so pessimistic. Shame on me! My faith in humanity has been restored. I am picking my phone up at 5! YAY! Lesson learned.


Reg said…
Hey there,
It's Regina. Stacey's sister. I am glad you got your phone back. It is nice to know that there are still some good people around! I washed mine and I was truly lost for a few days then I enjoyed not having it!
Chesney said…
YeaH for honest people!! We need to get together soon.
Amanda said…
That is good news! I wish I saw more of that:)
Wow! That is very good news! That almost never happens! Did you hear about when Amy and Cami went to Six Flags with some friends this summer, Amy's purse was stolen and it had all of their phones and money in it. Like 5 phones and about $100 bucks!
Yay! Good to know their are some honest kids out there!
Jess said…
yay! This is like the time I lost my wallet at Six Flags in California. With my credit cards, ATM card, and $50 in cash. I figured there was no way I'd ever see it again. Then someone actually turned it in, with all of the money and credit cards still in it! An answer to my prayers!!!! I'm glad someone could do the same for you!

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