Way to go Bulls!

Tanner joined a McKinney Rec team and has really had a good experience with it. He played in his first game saturday and look at the final score! (we were the visitors.)

This team is AWESOME!

This is going to be such a great opportunity for him. The guys he is playing with are all a good group of boys and they are teaching him alot. His skills are really improving and he gets ALOT of playing time. (There are only 7 guys on the team) Also, I really like his coach. He is exactly what Tanner needs. He is good, knowledgeable, but not too intense.
Most important, he is having fun.
He is also the Brent's Assistant Coach for McKinley's team. He really enjoys that (and so does McKinley) I will post pictures from her first game next week.


Danielle said…
wow the other team got whooped! and this pic totally looks like brady but obviously much older. lol
Amanda said…
I *hope* one of my boys wants to play b-ball:) It's my fav. sport:) P is already not showing any type of interest/talent in sports. Maybe L will?

That's awesome that Tanner is on a great team and loving it! Tanner changes his hairstyle like monthly doesn't he? I like the spikes:)

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