It's official! She got in!

I realized it was official that Jensen is deep into teenager-dom when I opened up my email and found a confirmation that she had gotten in to EFY this summer. Did you hear me?

My baby is going to EFY this summer!

It seems like just yesterday I was putting big bows in her hair and diapering her cute little butt! Where did all the time go????

I remember the one time my sister went off to EFY . She came home on such a spiritual high and couldn't stop talking about it.

I want that for Jensen.

None of the other girl's that she hangs out with are going. Understandeable, with the crappy economy and that fact that they raised the price substantially. It was a tough decision for us for those reasons too. There is an outside chance one of her friends might try to get in later.
For now, she is going all by herself. (sigh)
After consulting with several of my friends who have treaded this territory before, we were told by every one of them that it would be better to send her alone than to not send her at all. I hope we made the right decision. We think we did.


JasonandBritt said…
Yeah, where did the time go? It seems like just yesterday I was babysitting little Jensen. Crazy how time flies! She will LOVE EFY!
Sarah said…
she will love every minute of it!!!
I went to EFY my first year all by myself and LOVED every minute of it. I made tons of friend and had a blast. You definitely are making the right decision.
Erin said…
I was an EFY counselor for two years during college. I loved it when my girls came alone. It helped them to really be themselves and make all kinds of new friends. No doubt there will be other girls in her group that are coming alone as well. She's going to love it!
Amanda said…
I LOVED EFY. LOVED it every year:) There were always ppl from our ward there...but we never got to room together. Therefore we were never in the same "group" and your group is who you spend a lot of time with. She will love it anyway...I can almost guarantee it:)
emblair said…
With an attitude like hers, she won't be disappointed....and neither will you!
emblair said…
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She is going to have so much fun! I went by myself once and had a blast! What Session is she going to?
Mandie said…
Aw, that's awesome that she gets to go. I went alone one year too, and shy insecure teenage Mandie managed to make some friends, so Jensen will be fine! The spiritual experience is incredible, and something she will never forget.
The A Team said…
that's awesome and scary...for mommy.

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