Wednesday, April 27, 2011

I firmly believe in stealing great ideas

I stole this from Shawni Polthier of "71 toes" (See right). She posted it on her kitchen wall before Thanksgiving. Let's face it, though - it is good to think about your many blessings all year round. I have too many windows and not enough wall space to post it up on my kitchen wall so I improvised and put it on my kitchen table. I think I actually like it better. The kids LOVE it. Some of them have gotten really artistic and colored little pictures too.

All you need is a roll of paper, markers, and some tape to secure it and you have a great way for your family to be mindful of some of the things/people they are grateful for before each meal.

I also love it because it encourages my kids to come sit in the kitchen and visit with me while I am prepping dinner, breakfast, etc. Its a great conversation starter,

a few worthy of mention are:

Sister Lloyd (YW leader)

Brother Romney (Tanner's Seminary Teacher)

Sister Ziminskas (Jensen's Sunday School Teacher)

Uptown Popcorn

Susie (McKinley's Best Friend)


Jimmer Fredette







nail polish

stuffing casserole

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