A thankful Sunday

Once a month we pull out the box of thank you notes and spend a few minutes writing someone a letter.

Each of us thinks about someone that we are grateful for, who has blessed our life in the last month or so and then we take a few minutes to tell them "thanks",

I try not to dictate who they should write to.

Contemplating the people in their lives who bless them is part of the beauty of this tradition.

Last week:

Tanner wrote to his seminary teacher. Brother Romney has been a huge influence in his life this last year and has taught him so much. He talks about his lessons all the time and looks forward to the 6am class every day because of him.

Reagan wrote a note to her Activity Day leader. Sister Doyle teaches the 8 year old girls and has done such a fantastic job, going above and beyond. Now that Reagan is 9 and has moved to the next class she wanted to let Tammie know how much she appreciated her time and effort.

Brady wrote a note to his Soccer Coach. This is the first year he has played and his coach is sooo patient with him and is nothing but positive to all the boys.

You might think this is kind of an odd thing to do but it means so much to people. It also is so good for to stop the busyness of life every once in awhile and contemplate the people that bless us.


Amanda said…
what a great idea! You always teach me so much:) And Brady looks as adorable as can be in the post below;)

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