May he rest in peace.

On Monday, April 11th @ about 1 AM we had visitors in the form of large wicked balls of ICE, (a.k.a hail.) We ran out to move cars inside to the garage.

(I don't know why we don't park in the garage, we are just lazy, it's not like we have alot of junk in there.)

When we saw the hail we changed our mind quickly.

Some of it was the size of a racquetball.

It was accompanied by 70 mile an hour winds.

We immediatlely ran back in the house to get kids up out of bed and move them to an area where there were no windows.

We waited out the storm.

The kids went back to bed.

We started calling insurance companies.

The next morning we saw this:

See the hail damage in the backboard?

It punched a hole clean through the plexiglass. Top left Dormar window (in the attic) broken.

Two windows to the garage were shattered.

Trampoline was damaged.

Playground and fence have little white spots all over them from being pelted by the hail.

Our skylight was broken in our kitchen.

We need to replace our roof.

The saddest part of all....

Our beloved, Clifford, was totalled.

Ironically, I posted a love letter to Clifford just last month. When we went to the dealership Saturday and said our last goodbyes, everyone got a little sad. We have so many sweet memories in this car. We posed for a last picture (sans Jensen who was at Jubilee Practice)...

We will rise from the ashes, however.

Roofers and contracters begin the restoration Tuesday. As a bonus, our playground and fence are going to geta nice strong power wash and re-stain and the kids get a new trampoline and basketball hoop.

What is it they say?

This TOO, will pass....


Amanda said…
man..what..a...pain....and so sad about Clifford:( Especially right after your letter:( And how will I ever recognize you without your big red Clifford! molly had a window broken, car damage too, and I am sure a new roof also...the bad part just missed us.

and I think you are so right...mother's know...things about their kids....know what is best...and not just about sickness either. Love to hear your story sometime:)
Heather Lynn said…
Wow! So it was more than just your car. Sounds like it ended well though. :)
{BTW- This is Heather from class}
Georgine Stern said…
I'm sorry to hear about your car! Considering the damage that the hailstones created, I guess the silver lining is that none of you were in it at the time it happened and weren't seriously hurt. Did your roof suffer a lot of damage, aside from the skylight in the kitchen being broken? I hope any damage to your roof was repaired at as little cost but at the best quality possible!

- Georgine Stern -

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