Lord, who needs me today? Tell me her name.

This quote came from a talk at Women's conference at BYU a few weeks ago.  
It is from Sister Elaine Marshall.  
I can't wait to be able to read the entire talk once they are published. 

  I am not a super-sensitive person. 
 I don't think I naturally notice things that might clue me in on the fact that someone around me is having a hard time.  I have always admired people who seemed to be the kind that do.  I had a dear friend call me several months ago out of the blue and ask how I was doing.  I had been heavy with worry about something and just talking it over with her made my burden seem lighter.  

 I wrote a few days ago about spiritual gifts and I think this is one of those gifts that some people naturally have and others don't.  My friend clearly does.  I can even see it has been given to one of my children in particular.  She notices things that others do not.  Like that one of the carpool boys seemed uncharacteristically quiet or that a friend of hers wasn't invited to a gathering.  I am not sure where she got it because I don't think Brent and I are especially good at modeling that kind of sensitivity so it must be innate.  

But I really believe that when we prayerfully strive to acquire spiritual gifts for ourselves and commit to use them in a way that will bless the lives of others, we can get them.  This past New Year's,  I made a resolution to serve someone outside my family every day.  It could be as simple as a letter or phone call or an arm around someone.  I have dropped popsicles off to one of the kids I pick up for carpool when he was sick, taken "princess movies" to a friend when her daughter was under the weather, invited new families over for dinner, etc .  Some days - most days-  the opportunity has dropped right in my lap.  I have been so surprised at how easy it has been to find something to do!  It makes me feel bad that I wasn't seeing it all before this year and this resolution because I think opportunities were right before my eyes each and every day. I wasn't seeing them because I wasn't really looking.  

   What are some of the Spiritual gifts you wish you had?


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