Senior Appreciation Night

 Our ward started a new tradition this year of having a night dedicated to the Seniors that are graduating.  They had each Senior set a table display telling about themselves and did a fun slide show.  Each of the younger youth talked in a video about what they loved about the Seniors and parents submitted photos.  Parents were given time to pay tribute to their graduates and in turn the graduates were able to share a few words of wisdom to the younger kids.  It was such a fun night.
We decided to have each of Jensen's brothers and sisters share some things that they loved about her and have learned from her example.   We printed it up and put it on display with pictures of her.  These are the things they wrote.: 

"Jensen is friendly.  She's always nice to everyone.  I've never heard her say anything mean about anyone.  She doesn't fight with us.  She is a peacemaker.  She can get along with just about anyone.  She is smart and works hard at her school work.  She takes good care of me when Mom and Dad are gone.  She is prayerful about important decisions."

"The thing that I have learned from Jensen is how to be humble. She is never boastful. She never brags. She puts others first before she thinks about herself. I've seen her serve others without expecting something in return. When I think of words to describe Jensen, I think of Righteous, obedience, joyful, and example. Even if she doesn't feel like it, whenever I need something from her, she will do it willingly. She is a better sister than I could ever imagine and I love her with all my heart." 

"I am so glad that Jensen is my sister.  Honestly, she is the ultimate example because she is so Christlike and I always have her to look up to.  I love how she is so virtuous and has the characteristics of Christ.  She is always reading her scriptures and saying her prayers.  I love you Jensen!"

"Jensen is easy to get along with.  I am always impressed with how she is able to get through to my siblings when they are upset or angry.  She doesn't sweat the small stuff and has never gotten involved in any sort  of drama, in that way she is kind of a freak of nature compared to most teenage girls, but I am so grateful for that."


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